First Trip in Asia incoming

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Yeah bro, departure for Asia is finally approaching! This is while I am listening Stoned Jesus with an headache caused by some residues of an excess of good cognac that I am writing those lines.

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Viêtnam as a first destination of this long trip in Asia.

Only a few things to finalize and we are living with Vietnam as first step of the trips. It’s a very long time I am waiting for this moment, here it is finally approaching with giant steps!

During a year more or less, I say goodbye to the morning trafic. I also say goodbye to the enormousness stupidity our politicians are spiting. Also goodbye to you, yes you, stupid a**h*le dropping some 2 cents techno music early in the sunday morning. Thinking “Day of the lord” obviously rhymes with “danceflord”. I hate you. Anyway, vaccines are done, money is there (a bit less because punctures cost the price of your arm). Welcome to you that will digitally follow me during this journey

Firsts preparations.

Going to Asia is madness is you follow the instructions they give you during vaccination. The only thing that would be allowed is staying in the shadow inside a mosquito net, your body shinning of insect repulsive, your clothes nauseous from various sprays, only eating industrial dishes cooked with your own equipment with water coming from bottles, swallowing your malaria pills.

Okay, maybe I am exagerating but still. Here is a little resume.

  • Avoid salads: No problem, no change for me
  • Avoid dishes you don’t have assurance of proper cooking: Seems legit.
  • Clean and peel fruits by yourself: Don’t forget your peeler
  • Avoid ice creams and fruit juices, delicatessens and seafoods. A fruit juice? Really? I can die from an orange Juice, even is this one is mad with love? And for seafood, I’ll just wait to see the face of people surrounding before ordering something.

And then?

A huge paragraph about water, don’t drink it. I mean, drink it from bottles only.

Asie: Saigon BeerThen another paragraph about moskitos, STDs, etcAsie: Papiers de précautions

Goal of this blog

So, If I do not die from Chikungunya or Japanese Encephalitis (2 time $79. This one is an option but they hardly recommend it to me, it avoid some complications like dying). So if I survive to food poisoning. Or If Triumph from a rough fight with a giant cannibal mushroom born from a mycosis growing between my toes. If I don’t empty myself because of diarrhea coming from some fruits i hadn’t peel by myself. I will post photos, videos and text telling wonderful stories of you hero, jumping from bars to forest, from forest to mountains, from moutains to town and from towns to bars (the the loop is closed)

Stay tuned!

Multiple choices for you : You can play it young and subscribe to my facebook page by giving me your power channeled by your finger alone, increasing the number of “like” and the proud illusion to be someone important. You will flatter my ego then.  You can also, if you feel like geeky, subscribe to the RSS flow. And the last choice, for the 40+, you can simply connect here every morning to check if your servant had pot something to make your day better. Last step is plane ticket and visa. taking of around January 26th of the next month. I am so in a difficult waiting time, comfortably installed at mom and dad house eating some crepes.


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