Spain in bicycle: From Vitoria to Valladolid

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Hello my dear,

Some news, a bit. Yes, i am in progress, slowly but surely since the people I met during my breaks in the different cities I put my two wheels in offers a lot of nice encounters. This is how I had stayed 3 days in Vitoria, 3 days in Aguilas, partying, working a bit (you didn’t expect that hum!) and 5 days in Valladolid. Program: Tapas, Ferias, Museums and all sorts of discovering. I have to admit that museums are not my favorite stuff but it allowed me to confirm that catholics from the 14th and 15th century were totally fucked up. There is not a single painting nor sculpture where you can see a different face than the one your dog is doing when it did it wrong (Nicolas Cage would have been a good example too).  Mosts of those sculptures have a hole to put some flesh of the dead guy inside. Imagine a guy slicing a piece of Saint-Jean and giving the rest to the dog… Anyway. I stayed a long time at Vitoria playing the homeless for a night until someone dared help me around midnight, finding someone with a washing machine and taking free churros from the Georgian community of the city.


Normal. On of the crazy thing happening with this lifestyle is that you can say that everything is okay, I have a smartphone, a computer and an expensive camera but no, people are helping you whatever is happening. Those guys live in the streets and had offer me their beers, chips and a 30ish of churros ‘para la manana’. I have also found a host because some curious come to ask you about your all stuffed cycle. This is cool

Sweet kisses



Synthèse kilométrique:

DateDépartDestinationTotal KMMoyen
27/08/2016ToberaAguilar33Chez l’habitant
30/08/2016CaviaValladolid120Chez l’habitant


Beers for friends

23/08/2016Food 20,00 € 20,00 €
24/08/2016Food sortie 25,00 € 25,00 €
25/08/2016Cafe 3,20 €
Aperos Couchurfing 8,00 €
Sandwiches 5,00 €
Ceinture 4,90 € 21,10 €
26/08/2016Breakfast expensive 5,20 €
Fruits, butter, bread 5,00 €
Beer, chocolatine, cafe 3,60 €
Food evening 4,00 € 17,80 €
27/08/2016 6,00 € 6,00 €
28/08/2016 –   €
29/08/2016Helmet 9,90 €
Gaz 5,50 €
Grosseries  Lidl 6,70 €
Cafés 1,40 €
Tapas / Cerveza 2,50 € 26,00 €
30/08/2016Café 1,40 €
Bread 0,50 €
Tapas / Cerveza 6,00 € 7,90 €
01/09/2016Reparation Bike 10,00 €
food / apéro 18,00 € 28,00 €
02/09/2016food / cafés 9,00 €
Regalos 11,00 € 20,00 €
 03/09/2016Ferias 10,50 €
Boccadilos 7,50 €
Buse 5,00 €
Cervezas 8,00 €
04/09/2016fiesta de valladolid 7,30 € 7,30 €
05/09/2016hosting 25,00 €
Desayuno 3,50 € 28,50 €

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